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How To Hire Your First Small Business Employee

Making sure you are fully prepared and ready for your first employee is an important factor to building any business. Unless you know that you are fully prepared, you may run the risk of moving too fast. The Business 2 Community website recently posted a list of things you should consider prior to hiring your first employee.

The first thing mentioned on the list is that you should make sure you are financially ready. If you know that you need help, you need to make sure you can afford help prior to bringing someone in for the job. Next, they talk about creating space for the new hire. If you do not already have a work area for them, you will need to create it. What you need depends on the type of work that will be done. If you cannot provide the funds for them to work or the space, you may need to reevaluate your plan before moving forward. When you have figured out these key components, you can move on to the next steps in the process.

Next, you will need to decide what exactly you need help with. This will help you detail the position so you can start looking. Without parameters, you will have nothing to use as a basis for hiring. When you have a job description, you can start to post it online or in other avenues you deem appropriate.

You will get a lot of applicants but only a few should stand out. Choose these carefully and schedule interviews the ones you like best. When you interview them, ask key questions pertaining to the position and their work style. When you find one that you like, complete a background check on them. If they pass all of your requirements, you can then move on to the hiring process.

Bring them in for the required paperwork by the state as well as federal government. At this point, you may want to do some more research to ensure you are within the parameters for hiring employees. When your new hire comes in for paperwork, they will need to complete a W-2 and then you will have additional items to complete as the employer.

The last thing you may want to do when you start hiring new people for your company is create an employee manual. Outline beneficial items they may need to know about working for your company. You can always change this later as your company grows but it is a good thing to have when you get started for some ground rules. Good luck with your employee search!


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