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Hiring Trends to Take Note of for Your Small Business in 2015

If you are like most companies, 2015 should be a big hiring year for you. The economy continues to get better which means that business should be getting better. To deal with the increase in customers, you may need to bring in additional employees but you also may want to rethink how you go about finding and hiring these individuals according to an article recently released by Business News Daily. The article reviews the top 5 hiring trends of the coming year. Many of these will help you find the right candidate in a much more efficient way. We have decided to review these top 5 trends so that you can better prepare for the year for your business.

The first on the list is a raise in minimum wage. Many states have already increased this number but some employers are going to be increasing it as well. This is important to note because you may find that you will need to spend more money to bring in the right person for the job. If another company is offering more for the same type of work, you could lose a potentially important employee. This is something to consider.

The next point is that small business will be the ones to increase their employee base the most this year. If you are a small business owner, you will need to get started right away so you can find the best people. This is a plus when it is time to find potential employees because many people would prefer to work for a small business over a corporation. Another perk is that these jobs are usually closer to home for them.

The third point is that many jobs now require a higher education than they did in the past. A high school diploma is not what it used to be in the job market. To be competitive, you may want to increase your requirements. This will get you more qualified employees at the same time.

The fourth point emphasizes the increase in part time work. If this is something that you can feasibly do in your business, this may be a way to start. You can bring someone in part time to see what they are capable of. If you like the work that they do, you can eventually bring them on full time. On the other hand, with the increase in part time positions, there may be many people who prefer part time work so they can fit it into their schedule with other jobs.

The last point talks about the elimination of cubicles. Many companies will start using an open floor plan. This creates a feeling of unity since people are not blocked from each other. You may even find that your employees are happier with this layout.

If you are considering hiring more people this year, these are some important points to take note of. Your competitors are looking into these things and you will need to as well in order to stay competitive. The hiring world is changing every day with new applicant technologies and if you fail to keep up with them, you will be left behind using old tactics.


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