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How You Can Make the Hiring Process Simpler

The hiring process should be simple enough. Post an available position, accept applications or resumes, interview only the qualified applicants, and hire the best person. Sounds easy, right?

However, there are certainly quite a few questions that can come up during the hiring process. For example:

Post the available position where? You already post everywhere – on job boards, on your website, with a local recruiters office.

Only the qualified applicants? One available opening may garner several hundred resumes. Some are over-qualifed, some are under-qualified, and, when you have the stomach to weed through all of the resumes, you’re lucky to find a handful that meet your needs.

Of course, that’s if you can get enough resumes. Some positions are hard to fill and you’re lucky if you receive enough resumes from which to choose even two or three candidates.

Hiring the best person sounds right, but why does it seem to go so wrong?

Improving the process can simplify your life.

Most companies would benefit from a hiring process change, possibly similar to Google’s approach. The removal of information deemed unnecessary and a process where the fear of competition can’t get in the way of making the best choice means that Google keeps hiring the best possible candidates. This could explain why Google was able to turn themselves into a verb.

Take a look at your process and consider these options to make hiring a bit easier.

Craft an employment ad that actually attracts the right candidate. Instead of worrying about where to post the job, it’s better to make sure your ad clearly denotes what the job is, what it requires, and what you want. Sure, you’ll still receive applications from high school graduates when you clearly stated “College degree required” but you may also eliminate many unqualified applicants, as well.

Check your application process. According to Kelly Blokdijk, your process could be the reason you’re attracting less-than-stellar applicants. If you don’t have one, consider the use of an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to help automate and track the hiring process from start to finish. If you do, make sure it’s easy for you and your applicants to use.

Improve your interview process. Whether all interviews are handled in person or part of the process is completed through your ATS, make sure you’re asking the questions that actually matter. Google, for example, eliminated brainteasers as a qualifier. Blokdijk recommends against the use of “walk me through your resume” questions.

Paying attention to the details of your hiring process and utilizing the latest technology and available platforms can simplify hiring. Instead of banging your head against the wall after skimming through the hundreth applicant who labelled themself a hard working, over-achiever, you might just attract, interview, and hire your newest rockstar instead.


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