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9 Ways To Create A Great Hiring Program

Finding the right staff can be a tricky process even for experienced hiring managers, and many seem to rely on the old-school standby of simply going with a gut feeling about which candidate is best for the job. Although excellent instincts are a valuable asset for human resources personnel, smart hiring managers also utilize other strategies. Here are nine tips on hiring the best possible staff:

1. Always Keep an Eye Out for New Talent

Even if you believe that your team is perfectly assembled at this point and see no signs of any of your employees wanting to jump ship, always keep an eye out for talented people in your industry.

2. Create an In-Depth Interview Process

Hiring someone after one short interview leaves employers and hiring managers open to error. Take your time with the interview process. Have potential candidates meet others in the company, particularly those that they’ll be working with directly.

3. Remember That Interviewing is a Two-Way Street

While you’re evaluating candidates, keep in mind that they’re also using the interview process to explore whether your open position is a good fit for their skills, talents, and temperament.

4. Follow the Letter of the Law

Familiarize yourself thoroughly with the guidelines of the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) to ensure that you don’t expose your company to a lawsuit.

5. Fire Efficiently

Part of cultivating the right team is knowing when and how to fire people. Never let the separation process drag out — a clean break is best for everyone involved.

6. Consider Corporate Culture

No matter how talented and qualified a potential hire appears to be, if he or she doesn’t fit in with your corporate culture, it might be best to choose another applicant.

7. Establish Core Company Values and Hire Accordingly

Compatible behaviors and attitudes are an important part of cultivating a productive workplace. If good manners and a professional appearance are important to you, don’t hire the messy, socially impaired genius — and vice versa if your workplace doesn’t put a priority on social interaction.

8. Be Skeptical

A healthy dose of skepticism will ensure that you don’t allow yourself to become bowled over by an skills and talents that the applicant claims to have. Interviewees often overstate their experience in order to impress hiring managers.

9. Use Cutting Edge Technology

Successful hiring managers depend on technology such as the Applicant Tracking System. This software application allows them to efficiently manage their recruitment needs throughout the entire hiring process. The system can be used to post the initial job openings on various websites, sort and rank resumes, and track all applicants’ progress throughout the hiring process.


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