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Want to Hire Like Google’s HR team?

Company hiring processes are often inefficient and ineffective because they focus on outdated criteria for evaluating a candidate’s qualifications. One of these outdated criteria is academic success. Long held as a baseline for job performance, many successful companies, such as Google, have learned that there are far better ways to judge a candidate’s potential. By examining how these companies evaluate candidates, hiring managers and human resource departments can revolutionize the way they fill open positions.

Why GPAs Don’t Matter

High GPAs may look good on a resume, but they have no direct relation to later work performance. The skills required to succeed at a job are completely different from those required to succeed in school. This is exactly why Google decided to stop using high GPAs and degrees as a criteria for new employees.

However, there is a small group that these academic markers are still relevant for. Recent college graduates who demonstrate high levels of success tend to perform better in the actual workplace. However, once these young professionals have been in the working world for three to four years, their academic transcripts no longer matter.

Structured Assessment Methods

In order to really determine if a candidate has what it takes to succeed, Google has moved to a structured assessment and interviewing process. Their questions don’t revolve around past performance or knowledge assessment as much as they do personality and intelligence. It’s important that they hire someone who will fit in with their staff, and personality plays a big role in that. In addition, their research has shown that predictability is one of the best personality traits for those in leadership roles. Thus, testing for predictability is performed for all high-level positions. Companies can implement this model by carefully evaluating the soft-skills required for success in their company and use these skills as a hiring qualifier. However, that doesn’t mean only hiring people like you. Proper evaluation may require the help of outside consultants who can give an unbiased assessment of the environment. Case in point, both Google founders held Masters Degrees from well-known schools, but they did not set this as a hiring standard. In fact, 14 percent of their workforce don’t hold a degree at all.

Tracking Assessments

Tracking candidate assessment information requires a modern approach to human resources management. An integral part of this is using an Applicant Tracking System that can track these additional soft-skill criteria. This information is important for the initial hiring, as well as tracking the candidate over the first few years of employment to determine their success. By performing this ongoing analysis, the company learns more about its hiring process and can tweak it if they find that employees with certain traits don’t work out well.


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