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Don’t Make These 3 Top Hiring Mistakes

Hiring mistakes are common. There is no way to avoid all mistakes but there are ways to avoid the biggest and most common mistakes. Companies can avoid mistakes by doing their research and utilizing the latest technology to help their recruiters. Technology can cut down on human error and save companies as well as candidates time and money. Here are the most common mistakes:

1. According to some HR experts, the biggest hiring mistake a company can make is to not follow up with job applicants. Many companies provide closure to interviewees but not applicants. This is a big mistake. No follow up is disrespectful to the applicant. This also tells the candidate that you do not value their time. This makes the company seem unprofessional. A simple email to applicants can elevate your company and create good word of mouth. This email can tell the applicant that the company decided not to interview them for the position and thank them for their time. These emails can be automated to save time.

2. Another hiring mistake is allowing personal bias or opinion of the recruiter to pass on qualified candidates. For example your recruiter doesn’t like people from the South and passes on a candidate who graduated from a great university and has twenty years of experience. The recruiter didn’t see the good qualities of the candidate due to their own attitude and bias. To avoid this mistake the company could use an Applicant Tracking System. These programs help companies find the best applicants without allowing personal bias to affect the hiring process. Applicant Tracking Systems filter resumes according to companies the applicant previously worked for, experience and universities attended.

3. Your company wants the perfect candidate. The applicant with just the right skills, experience and education. So recruiters pass on good candidates because the company is waiting for the perfect applicant to come along. A few months pass and the company hires a candidate in desperation. The candidate not only has less experience and skills than the perfect candidate but also the good ones the company previously passed on. The candidate is not a good fit and ends up leaving the company in only a few months. Companies can avoid this mistake by being open minded and more specific about the general qualifications and skills needed for the position, not just ideal qualifications. If an applicant with three years of experience could help the company be more successful, why require five years? Be general about qualifications and really figure out the core requirements.

Hiring mistakes can cost companies time and money. Money is lost on the recruitment process, training, and lost productivity. Companies and recruiters alike should educate themselves on good hiring practices. Companies should utilize the latest technology like recruitment software to help make the hiring process more efficient and valuable.


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