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Accessing your Applicant Tracking on the Move

Business is no longer solely conducted in the office. While managers, HR professionals and executives might have spend the majority of the work week inside of the building itself, this no longer is the case. Executives need to meet with potential clients in person, HR representatives need to stop by seminars and recruiting facilities, while CEOs need to travel the country, give presentations, arrange for major contracts and other tasks. This requires a large number of employees to regularly venture outside of the office in order to conduct their job more efficiently.

With mobile technology progressing at its current rate, this has not proven much of an issue, as the Internet, Cloud based networks and data storage all with the power of mobile phones and tablets ensures everyone can remain connected to one another. However, there has long been one problem with this mobile office setting. Individuals outside of the office were not able to monitor applicant statuses and know what exactly is going on with the hiring process.

Applicant tracking software has long been available for internal usage, allowing the HR department and other executives the ability to check in on different applicants, but only while in the office. Thankfully with new technology though, it is now possible for employees to monitor these actions directly from any screen in front of them. This way, they can always look in to see what the process is or where a potential job seeker is standing in terms of their job and if they fit the requirements of the open position. Work does not stop when employees step out of the office, so neither should the hiring process.

Thanks to the new technology, employees can monitor applicant movements on any device, ranging from the desktop computer in their office to the smart phone in their pocket. With this feature, they can schedule interviews with applicants over their smart phone, send out inquiries into whether or not someone is available for a job and check in on references. All of this makes it possible for an employee to continue performing their job, regardless of where they are.

In the business world time, the more productive and streamlined a company is, the more it accomplishes in a given period of time and the greater profits it can turn during this time period. Now that hiring managers are able to monitor application information and other necessary data regarding individuals who are applying for the position, they too can complete more work while out of the office than ever before. After all, the hiring managers need to know if the individual they are most interested in can come in for an interview, or if they should continue seeking out other potential candidates.


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