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Stay Optimistic with Your Small Business Hiring

As the United States economy has slowly clawed its way out of the Great Recession, hiring optimism from CEOs is at a two-year high. As the optimism from businesses such as your own continues to grow, it reflects positively on applicants who are looking for work. With this increase, it is essential for you to ride the wave of hiring optimism and grow your small business. Due to more potential applications, you have a larger pool to choose from; this is always good for business, as it gives your company the ability to look through possible applicants and see who is the best fit for your needs. Of course, in order to find the perfect applicant, you must utilize the very best applicant technology to locate these individuals and make sure you and the possible employees are able to come together.

Gone is the day where your business would simply place “Help Wanted” signs on the front window of your office building. Unless you run a local restaurant and you simply need servers, there are far better ways to find quality employees. First, you need to post your new job positions online through classified posting websites. Job posting sites such as allow your business to showcase your position openings to the rest of the world, letting applicants see your job and apply for the position even if they don’t live in the immediate area. With the constant inflow of new applications, you can search over resumes and see what potential employees are worth contacting and eliminate individuals who do not have the necessary qualifications you are looking for.

With these particular job posting websites, you are likely to see a large wave of new applications, especially with the newfound optimism inside of the sector. Looking over every line of an application is simply too time consuming, and your HR department has many other tasks on its plate. This is where an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) comes into play. The ATS allows you to receive the different applications and automatically scan over the resumes in search for specific information. The software filters applications based on set keywords and criteria that you establish. With this particular service, you no longer need to waste valuable employee time looking over countless resumes only to find a few that might work for you. After the ATS pinpoints the desirable applications, you can then go through the highlighted individuals and determine who warrants direct contact. All of this makes the hiring process easier and more efficient.

As hiring optimism continues to increase, you need to take advantage and grow your business by hiring the best employees possible.


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