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How Your Small Business Can Hire Like Google

ImageThe process of hiring is seeing major changes due to technological advancements and the processes that are simplified due to technology. When you are recruiting new employees, it is important to follow the examples that are available in large companies. Google provides a variety of solutions that show how technology can make the process of hiring appropriate employees more efficient so that you can get the right person for the job.

Narrow the Choices Through an Applicant Tracking System

As more applications, resumes and requests come in through the Internet and digital systems, it is important to use appropriate software and data to separate out the applicants who are qualified for the position.

The way an applicant tracking system can help is by eliminating candidates who are not qualified for the position. Based on the information in a resume or an application, data is sorted and placed in appropriate locations. Applicants who qualify for the position will meet the standards that are identified in the system so that you can further review the possible individuals.

Set up a Behavioral Interview

Asking common questions during an interview allows potential candidates to give the answer that you want to hear, but not necessarily the answer that gives you any insight into the individual’s ability to work under pressure, handle leadership roles or work with a group.

By working out an interview process that evaluates the individual, it is easier to determine if a qualified candidate is also a good fit for the company.

Ask Personalized Questions

During the interview, hypothetical questions are a potential problem because a candidate can prepare for those questions. Asking the individual to explain a situation where he or she was challenged or was required to take charge as a leader can provide the opportunity to find out more about the individual’s personality.

After hearing the story, ask personalized questions relating to that story. It will provide insights into the individual’s normal behavior and thought processes.

Pay Attention to the Leaders

If you are looking for an individual who will become a manager or take on other leadership positions, then it is important to pay particular attention to the individual’s ability to handle problems as well as his or her ability to treat others fairly. Consistency and fair treatment can make a difference when leaders must encourage their employees.

Big businesses combine careful behavioral interviews with applicant tracking systems to find a candidate who is qualified, capable and will continue to work in the company for an extended period of time. The technology offers the first step in the process of narrowing down the choices by cutting out candidates who do not have the education, GPA or experience that is required for the position.


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