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Is Your Small Business Planning on Hiring in 2014?

Hiring is perhaps the most important step small business owners can take to increase their staff. The one quality that all business owners look for in their employees is commitment. Therefore the interviewing process is by far, the first and most critical step in “weeding out” employees who really love what they do, or employees who are simply looking for a job.

The hiring process is never easy. Business owners should have an idea of certain skill sets they are looking for. If this concept is already in place, the company is already half way through the hiring process.

Here are at least 10 quick tips for small businesses to help improve their hiring in 2014:


  • Interview candidates which are a perfect match, for the company. If all the credentials are in place, and their background check comes back clean, make it official.
  • Define your expectations. Let candidates know from the beginning of the interview what their role is in the company. Clear communication eliminates future misunderstandings.
  • Role interchangeable work schedule. If the company have more than one shift, offer alternatives to switch shifts, or exchange days with other workers.
  • Hire diverse workers. Bringing different cultures and ethnicity into the workplace can prove to be a real learning experience. Remember everyone has something of value to bring to the table.
  • Do not accept the first candidate interviewed. All prospects look good in times of desperation. When a position has to be filled, because the deadline is approaching, this may lead to hiring applicants that are not fully qualified for the job.
  • Assemble a hiring team. Let the team sit in on the interview, and allow them to ask the potential candidates questions. After all, new hires will be working with employees that are already well seasoned.
  • Impress the candidates with the background of the company. Sell your company, and the people that work for the company.
  • Hire candidates on a trial basis, before offering them a permanent position. If the candidates are not the perfect match for the company, there is nothing to worry about. After the trial period they can move on, with no hard feelings.
  • Look for candidates at convenient places like online job sites. Websites like offer employers the opportunity to view thousands of resumes, from potential employees from around the world.
  • Put together an attractive package. Offer candidates incentives they cannot resist. Competing with larger companies can be a real challenge, but it is worth it, if the company is to grow and be successful.

Small businesses can succeed, providing all the right elements are in place. The right employees and the right team can take small businesses to higher levels. Hiring the rights candidates is the beginning of a prosperous business venture. Do not be afraid to hire young vibrant employees, or more mature employees. Both groups brings a diversity of experience and new energy.


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