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Are you Properly Filtering Your Job Applicants?

In a day and age when everyone is looking for the perfect job, the perfect career, and the perfect applicant, it stands to reason that those looking for applicants should find new and innovative ways to filter out applications. With technology quickly outpacing the human side of human relations, there are a few different ways that those doing the hiring can screen the applicants they work with. Keeping up with technology, paying close attention to the hiring process, and even looking at high volumes of applications with the use of filters can help make an easier process when it comes to hiring.

The first thing than any hiring official should do is first to keep up with the current technologies on the market. More and more hiring agencies are depending on online resumes, online applications, and online resources to find their applicants. Because technology is taking such a huge part in the hiring process, it only makes sense that those hiring should keep up with current technologies. These technologies not only help to make the process much easier, they also help those hiring to filter out those applicants that do not immediately fit their criteria.

The Applicant Tracking System is one such technology that makes the process much easier. This system helps those hiring to cancel out filters, keep track of certain applicants that have the features and characteristics that make them perfect for the job that they have applied for. These systems help those hiring to filter out potential employees and make for a much easier process that does not depend on one person needing to sift through tons of applications that may or may not hold the characteristics they need and desire.

Using specifics like degrees that an applicant may have, non-traditional backgrounds, and even other disqualifiers can make a huge difference when filtering through applications. For those instances where there are fewer applicants, it may not be necessary to use filters but in cases where there are tons of different applicants, it is always best to use filters to help narrow the field and automatically disqualify those applications that do not fit the criteria for the position for which they have been submitted.

Using technology that has been specifically created with the application process in mind is the best way to keep up with the need and overall volume of applications that may come across the desk of human resources workers. Technology is incredibly important and can make the hiring process easier for not only those doing the hiring but also for those being hired. By utilizing technology, human resource workers can get in touch with potential applicants faster therefore filling the needed positions faster.


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