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Are Your Recruiters Working Within Their Realm of Knowledge?

There is a big difference between what you know and what you think you know. The circle of competence is a concept that helps to differentiate between these two – and it has been used by Warren Buffett for years. When you want to hire the best possible people for your company, you have to make sure your hiring managers are working within their own circle of competence.

Your hiring managers need to be able to evaluate selected candidates. Notice the word “selected” as it has to be a select group of people that your hiring manager is responsible for. If they are required to hire people that are outside of their area of competence, they may be ineffective at evaluating those candidates.

Whether your recruiter has experience in the area or they have studied in the area, they have knowledge on specific things. Knowing what they are knowledgeable about can help you to ensure they are hiring within their circle of competency.

Your hiring managers need to stick to what they know – and you need to slowly work on expanding their circle so they can hire more people and do so more effectively.

By figuring out what the aptitudes are of your recruiters, you can place them into the areas that are going to provide them (and you) with the best overall outcome. If you want your hiring managers to hire accountants and they are not familiar with finance, do you really think you are going to get the best accountants for your company? Of course not.

Figure out where your hiring managers have an edge and play to that. You may want to divide your HR personnel up to be responsible for different departments. Instead of having everyone hiring every position, you can divide the departments amongst the recruiters / HR, playing to their strengths. This will ensure you get better employees and they never have to step outside of their circle of competence.

There are tools that you can provide your recruiters, too. For example, you can provide them with an applicant tracking system. This will help to organize candidates into a database. They can then use keywords to find candidates. Their circle of competence will then come into play solely during the interview process to determine who will be able to perform the best within the environment of your organization.

You probably don’t have to get new hiring managers. However, you do want to make sure they are working within their circle of competence so you hire the best possible people.


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