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Build A Great Hiring Program and They Will Come

A recent report by INC showcased a company that is taking a different approach to hiring new employees. They are only hiring the best and they provide a reward-based system to encourage their entire team to work harder and keep striving for their goals. Although it may seem complicated, the company is providing an excellent example of the possibilities for the future. The best way to reach new employees and encourage them to be the best that they can is by providing the incentive to keep striving for excellence.

Give Promotions

A key factor that sets the company that is showcased in INC apart from other businesses is the focus on encouraging employees to work to the best of their abilities. The average income for employees in the company is constantly increasing because employees who work hard are given a regular raise as well as commissions.

Although it may not be possible to give commissions in every company, a great way to hire the best is providing regular promotions and rewards for their efforts. If promotions are not possible, then find other ways to reward employees for their hard work. Keep them involved by giving them a reason to keep trying hard.

Make the Environment Fast-Paced

Nothing is worse than a job that is boring. Incentive is not limited to just providing employees with promotions and help from every level of management. It is also about encouraging them to keep working hard by expecting excellence.

Give them a fast-paced work environment that pushes them to keep trying and working. It will help them accomplish their goals and it will improve the growth of the company.

Give Commissions

When it is possible to give commissions, such as when employees are working in a sales position, then give them a percentage of their sales. A commission is an excellent strategy to help keep them motivated to work hard on behalf of the business.

Even a small percentage of the sale price, such as five to ten percent, can add up when employees work hard to make the sale. By giving them a portion of the sale, they are more likely to maintain their motivation to sell products. It is a simple way to encourage employees to work hard, especially when they have odd hours or work long shifts.

A team of employees who work hard is better than highly educated individuals who are not willing to work. Hiring the best employees requires some effort into encouraging them to keep striving for excellence. By giving employees promotions when they work hard, providing commissions to continue encouraging them and giving a fast-paced work environment, the number of employees who refuse to work hard will reduce. Rewarding hard work is the best way to encourage growth in a company.


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