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How to Interview to Find Talent

The interviewing and hiring process is never easy. You are in charge of advertising, interviewing and hiring the right employees. If your company does not have an effective hiring system in place the interviewing process can be long, tedious, and counterproductive. What can make the interviewing process easier and what can you do to attract and retain the right employees?

Put Prospective Employees to the Test Before the Interview

It is easy to test potential employees personality traits before the interview process begin. Have applicants come in 10 to 15 minutes, before their scheduled interview time. Have them sit next to a few coworkers, and observe interactions from a distant. Make mental and physical observation and assessment “checklist notes” of your own.


  • Is the applicant friendly?
  • Does the applicant interact well with others?
  • Is the applicant dress code up to company standard?

During the face to face interview process, throw in a few non interviewing questions, and wait for the responses. For example, if you want to find out which applicants are outgoing or inclusive, ask the right question, here and there. Questions such as;



  • What do you do for fun?
  • Have you ever won a contest?
  • What was the most creative job you have had?

Questions such as these can give you insight as to the type of person; you are considering hiring to represent your company. If personality traits, or expectations to do meet the company’s expectations, you can always move on to the next applicant. Note responses. If one or more responses prompt you to ask more questions or make you feel uncomfortable, ask for clarity. Some people have a difficult time expressing how they feel, openly. Often time’s questions are misleading or misunderstood on both ends, so don’t be shy when it comes to wanting to know the truth.


The final part of the interviewing and hiring process deserves input from potential coworkers. Do a mini survey of the applicants, and ask coworkers for their observations or concerns. Don’t fall into the trap of simply hiring applicants because they meet all the necessary requirements. Lurking underneath all of that “perfection” can be a detached, unfriendly and rigid employee, with very little people skills. Hiring the wrong employee can mean disaster for you, the company, other employers and the companies you do business with.

Don’t rely solely on resumes; insist on getting to know the person. Resumes do not reveal a candidate’s true character, nor do resumes inject a candidate’s personality into the written words on the paper. Resumes can be used to provide proof or leverage of the applicant’s ability to perform one or more tasks. Develop an effective hiring process, and if it works continue to use it.

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