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Small Business Hiring Tips: Use Applicant Tracking

Small businesses are starting to feel the recovery, although new job statistics for this year are mixed. On one hand, many small businesses note that they are selling less products and/or services than they were three years ago. Such businesses are also cutting employees; in fact, the National Federation of Independent Businesses notes that the average small company has cut .3 employees in August 2013.

On the other hand, the NFIB notes that hiring is on the up and up in September 2013. In fact, this organization notes that the percentage of small businesses that intend to hire part time or full time workers recently rose to its highest level since 2007. While this is certainly good news for workers, it also means that a small business owner who is looking for trained, experienced workers will face a great deal of competition and may find it challenging to find those who can take on certain jobs.

Many new part time and full time jobs require experience and/or training. At the same time, even employers who are looking for employees who can handle simple, easy to perform tasks want to choose employees carefully. It is important to make sure that employees not only have the required experience and technical training but that they get on well with others on the team, are willing to accept suggestions, are enthusiastic about the company and what it does and have initiative, drive and a good work ethic.

The need to find the right person for any given job is one of the main reasons why many employers use an applicant tracking system. Such a system makes it easy to track information about job applicants, compare applications and send applicant information to company managers involved in the hiring decision. This computerized system can even be used to keep track of on the job performance after employees have been hired; this enables management to choose the right job candidate for a promotion or additional training.

Now that the economy is starting to improve, more and more small businesses will be looking for employees. This means that the number of available people who can fill a certain job role will likely decrease as time goes on. This is why using a job applicant tracking system is so important. Such a system enables a company to quickly compare job applications and find the right employee or employees to fill any given position.


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