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Digital Hiring to Find the Best Applicants

Hiring people in the digital age is just as difficult when it comes to finding the best applicants, harking back to the old saying, “the more things change, the more they stay the same.” Before the digital age, hiring by companies large and small was done by posting signs and ads and accepting applications to hiring a company to find the best people out there looking for work in a particular field. The pickings were often relatively slim, but most of the applicants were relatively well-vetted.

Today, sending in a resume to a possible job can be done in seconds from anywhere as long as there is internet access, meaning HR departments or individuals looking to fill a position are usually flooded with applications. The good news is that they have plenty of people to choose from; the bad news is that looking at all these resumes and applications takes forever and most people don’t have the time to do that properly. On top of that, many people-believe it or not-fib on their resumes, so it’s tough to know who is really right for the job opening, or who has crafted themselves to be right for the job, on paper.

To mitigate the flood of resumes every time there is a job opening, it’s a good idea for companies to do a number of things. First, hire a chief digital officer, or CDO, who can help to transform any company into one that is data-driven and can handle the new way companies do business in the digital age. A CDO can interact with a HR department in many ways and facilitate a fast and efficient recruiting process.

By doing this, the company will be able to more effectively search and vet candidates for a job, as a team will be in place who knows how to best use the new digital tools at everyone’s disposal to the company’s advantage. CDO’s are also plugged into the digital industry and know where a lot of talent lies at other companies or talent that used to work at companies that never really got going.

Social Media platforms like LinkedIn, among others sites, will also be useful when a company is trying to find out about specific applicants, or search for applicants before opening the job up to a wider pool. Also useful are applicant tracking software packages that perform a number of functions, including creating careers sites, background checks and cross-referencing information that has been included in a prospective hire’s resume.


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