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Tracking Applicants Up in the Cloud

We’ve seen a massive migration of applications to the cloud, thus freeing up valuable hard drive space and vastly improving the communication between team members. Of course, the nature of the cloud makes it such that most of the user interfaces out there are those of web-based applications, thus getting rid of a great deal of the unnecessary UI bits in exchange for faster loading times. This same technology has been applied to application tracking systems, or ATS, and the result is quite extraordinary.

The cloud allows every single individual who is part of the ATS to see all information as it comes in. Everyone is synched. The certainty that this is the case allows for the developers of cloud-based ATS software to include features that would have been thought of as ridiculous only a few years ago. Take, for instance, the new high tech ATS software featuring complex analytics that allow for the creation of graphs and other meeting tools in an quick and efficient fashion.

Some applicant tracking vendors’ offering is actually capable of learning a business’s habits over time and can use this accumulated knowledge to eventually make highly accurate predictions as to whom is the number one best candidate for a job. Even more, some high tech ATS systems are capable of doing this by resume alone. Without all of the data coming in on all fronts granted by going to the cloud, such a feature would have been seen as suspect, at best, all of a few years ago. Today, companies are beginning to see how easy it is to let a machine take care of all of the complicated algorithms and go back to business as usual.

In addition to these big, glamorous features that take up large amounts of real estate on developer websites, the additional communication afforded by cloud computing allows for all of the extra bits of candidate information, such as notes as to why certain candidates are or are not good matches for the company, that used to be lost in the system from time to time to be held safely in a centralized location that guarantees access to everyone. Gone are the days of losing essential annotations containing key insights that help determine the fate of a company.

With cloud computing in tow, data is secure because of the simple premise that the data is absolutely everywhere at once.


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