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Are You Running a Risk with your Hiring Program?

Any hiring manager or recruiter knows that hiring an individual amounts to a gamble; a gamble that they will bring talent and a good work ethic to the table and that they won’t do anything stupid and bring bad PR or worse consequences to the company. On a personal level, being the individual responsible for bringing such a disaster-generating personality into the fold can have an unfortunate impact on your own career. You don’t want to be the man or woman responsible for hiring someone with a high-risk criminal record, a falsified resume, or worse.

Obviously, no amount of care can fully neutralize the risks inherent to the hiring process, but there are a number of methods and tools which can greatly reduce the chance that you’ll find yourself dealing with the fallout of a troublemaker. We’ll go over just a few things to keep in mind to protect yourself and the company you’re hiring for.

The first thing you must understand is this: there are too many factors in the modern hiring environment for one person to easily juggle. A single person cannot filter for ideal prospects, confirm the content of a resume, search public databases and the web for red flags associated with a prospect, perform and analyze background checks, and the many other things worth considering in the modern hiring process. Even if you are dealing with few enough qualified individuals to make the task somewhat feasible, the efficiency and efficacy of doing so is questionable.

One way you can sidestep the entire issue is bringing in familiar faces. If you or someone else with sound judgement already knows the background, capabilities, and personality of an individual with the appropriate skills for the job, you’re dealing with a much smaller risk. The pre-hire process can only tell you so much about an individual-a long-term working relationship gives far more insight and allays a significant portion of the risk. Doing a favor for a friend or acquaintance serves as an added bonus, of course-just remember to use your knowledge appropriately. Hiring a familiar face for familiarity’s sake can only harm a company in the long run.

You don’t always know someone who can fill the position, however-otherwise recruiters and hiring managers wouldn’t serve much purpose. Fortunately, many technologies and software solutions have developed to streamline the process of filtering fresh candidates and make everything manageable.

The more data a given platform integrates, the better it can do its job and the better you can do yours. A quality applicant tracking system doesn’t just mine data from resumes and filter by keywords-it integrates background check software and more. Use the right software and the job does itself.


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