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Social Referral Software often means Better Hires

When you want to hire talented employees, it can be effective to look at your current employees for help. Many of your employees likely know about people who are looking for jobs or who would be a valuable asset to the company. When you offer a referral bonus, it can be even more enticing – though it’s important to be able to track all of the referrals effectively.

Your employees need an easy way to tell their friends and family about job openings. Social media platforms can be one of the easiest ways to talk about job openings – and share them with a large number of people all at once.

Imagine if you began using social referral software. When there is a job opening, your employees can put a post on Facebook, Twitter and other platforms, instantly reaching hundreds if not thousands of potential new employees. This will reduce the work you have to do in order to get new recruits – and make it more affordable for you to get new recruits as well.

Using social media for referrals is not enough. You have to track all of the incoming resumes and applications in an organized way to be able to identify who the referring employee is for each resume that crosses your path. If you cannot keep an eye on which resume goes with which employee, your days of receiving talented new employees through referrals are going to be over before they got started.

Referral tracking software will help you organize all of the referrals that come in from social media. This is a common feature of applicant tracking software that allows you to advertise open positions to employees. This makes it easy for employees to choose to “share” the open positions on social media so that you can get a fresh batch of new recruits without having a job fair and without paying to place ads online or in local newspapers.

An added benefit to using referral tracking software and applicant tracking software simultaneously is that they will talk to each other and prevent you from dealing with paper trails. Everything will be kept on your computer so you can figure out where each applicant is in the hiring process, sift through resumes based on certain features and even be able to provide updates to your employees about when they will receive the reward for referring a new employee that you hired based upon their use of social media.

Hiring talented employees needs to be one of the top things you do in HR. If you begin to use social media, you can get more resumes. And by using social referral software, you can have your employees do more of the recruiting on your behalf.


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