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How Your Small Business Can Gain the Hiring Advantage

Small companies and startups have it hard trying to attract the best talent. They desperately need cutting edge skills to create the breaks needed to grow and be successful. On the other hand, they don’t necessarily have all the perks needed to attract the premium crop. So they often have to rely on finding untapped talent in those looking for employment versus those who have it. That said, small businesses often don’t have the legions of HR staff to chew through resumes and weed out viable candidates. So they have to rely on the next best thing: technology.

Technology hiring tools are becoming increasingly important and popular with small business competing to find untapped talent in available labor pools.

LinkedIn Basic – For those who are really bootstrapping it, LinkedIn provides an easily searchable database of labor talent quite willing to provide all their information for hiring available. With just a basic account, a user can search and find skilled candidates, including those already employed but waiting to hear about a more promising opportunity. This is a far better catch right off the top than anything produced through a traditional hiring ad in a newspaper or periodical.

Linkedin Recruiter – For those firms willing to spend for extra features, LinkedIn also offers its Recruiter tool, which gives full access on every profile that exists in the database as well as advanced search tools. It also provides the ability save searches already performed, which comes in handy when repeat vacancies come up. To make the communication with candidate go faster, LinkedIn also provides paying accounts messaging templates, cutting down on the time taken to craft an introductory contact.

Glassdoor – It’s not enough just to post an ad; a company has to market its culture as well. And many prospective employees are doing their research to find out what they can about a potential employer. To deal with this, an employer needs to have a presence in these forums. While it can’t post per se, it can definitely advertise, and the forums will take the ad revenue just as well as anyone’s money. Glassdoor is a favorite destination and one where companies should make their presence known ad-wise.

Social Media – Resources like Facebook and Twitter are still generally free to use by businesses and easily attract quite a bit of attention, especially from those looking for work. However, the advantage is that the tools can be used to leverage networks of existing employees as well as references. This provides far better candidates because the people picked up as recruiting leads are “known commodities” to someone. That makes them far easier to evaluate versus blind resumes.

Applicant Tracking Systems – An up to date ATS can drastically make the job of a hiring manager more efficient. With tools such as automated background checks, streamlined hire processing, and the ability to launch careers sites – a modern applicant tracking system is a no brainer for any business that wants to grow its talent base.


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