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Small Business Growth Requires Efficient Hiring Practices

Hiring competent workers for your small business may be the objective of some companies who are only looking to fill job positions as quickly as possible with people who may be able to do a mediocre job. Yet for business owners who are looking to grow their companies, they are looking for the most elite professionals who will be passionate about their work.

Startup companies nationwide are searching for the most efficient hiring practices to find these expert workers. Every company will have its own hiring tactics that work well for their specific business. Yet here are a few tips you may want to integrate into your company to increase the efficiency of your HR recruitment department.

Communication is Key

Screening candidates involves more than just looking for people who have the right degree and work experience. To build a team of professionals that can handle the development and implementation of projects, you need team members who can communicate effectively with other team members to bring about positive results.

Both verbal and written communication should be taken into account as you are speaking to the candidate through email, over the phone and in person. The manner in which the candidate communicates with you can allow you to know if their personality will mesh with your company or if it could create friction that might slow down business operations.

Network for Future Candidates

Most small businesses know that networking can be a highly effective way to find potential candidates for open job positions. Yet few take the initiative to network for candidates who may be interested in working for your company at a future date. When a business friend sends you a resume of a candidate they highly recommend, don’t simply toss the resume in the trash or stow it in the back of a filing cabinet. Contact the candidate and express your interest in them.

Even if the candidate is happy with the company where they are currently working at, you can establish a business relationship. When the time comes where they may want to seek other employment, your company will be the first that the candidate contacts because you went out of your way establish a networking relationship with them. At that time, you can decide if you have a position open for them.

Technology is A Company’s Best Friend

Expand your recruiting tactics to include the latest advances in technology. With social media platforms allowing companies to socialize and find candidates who are interested in their business, it is becoming increasingly important to utilize this technology to your advantage. Check out the latest recruiting software and technology such as the applicant tracking system to streamline hiring techniques so that you are only interviewing candidates who are truly the right fit for the job positions.


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