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Get Competitive in Hiring With An Applicant Tracking System

costs to starting a businessIn case you haven’t heard, the economy is on the rebound. More and more companies around the country are increasing their staffing levels and their payroll. This is being done to start working on some of the projects they have had to set on the back burner as well as to push forward in the highly competitive business world.

It’s not just businesses that are competitive anymore. It’s the entire hiring arena. There are only so many people looking for jobs and so many people of those that are qualified to work in the areas that they are applying in. If you are in the hunt for new people, you need to have the competitive edge to find them and get them employed before someone else snatches them up.

A senior economist in Detroit, Russell Price, comments that it’s estimated that employers around the country will be taking on 2.5 million workers throughout 2013 – and that’s a lot of new workers. This is proof alone that the economy is bouncing back.

Further proof is in the jobless rate, which is slowly making its way down with each passing month. While it’s still high, it’s showing signs of improvement and may be back to a somewhat normal rate by the middle of 2014.

When you’re trying to hire, you need to focus on keeping track of all of the applicants coming into your HR office. An applicant tracking system can work wonders for you because it keeps all of your applicants’ resumes in a computer system as opposed to in a stack on your desk. This allows you to search through the resumes by keywords to pick and choose which candidates are more qualified.

By keeping records of the resumes, you can also fill new positions that come available faster. While someone who applied last month may not qualify for the position you currently have open, that’s not to say that they aren’t ideal for the position that becomes available next week. In such a competitive hiring environment, it’s critical for you to stay organized.

You don’t want to lose qualified individuals to the competition. If you are still using the resumes in paper form, you may not be able to locate “that great resume” that you came across last week in order to contact them for an interview or to make a job offer. When it’s kept on the computer, you can flag resumes, make notes and have everything available at your fingertips.

With companies all across the country scrambling to fill over 2 million positions, you have to consider how you will attract talent and stay on top of the talent who has already applied to your business so you can make offers before others do.


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