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Good Hiring Practices vs. Great Hiring Practices

great hiring practicesAs the person in charge of hiring, whether as the human resource manager, recruiter or the CEO of a small company, hiring practices have a direct impact on a business and its basic strategy. If less than qualified people are hired that do not have the same zeal, dedication, vision, willingness to adhere to established practices or go the extra mile to get the job done, it can be a set-up for failure on several levels.

The responsibility of hiring the best personnel falls to the person in charge of hiring, plain and simple. Using great hiring practices is a vital tool that needs to be fully grasped and understood in order to entice the best candidates. Knowing the established or to be established vision and principles of company founders is a good place to start when interviewing candidates.

A successful company, no matter how large or small, needs the services of qualified personnel to keep the company running smoothly and efficiently. Whether the applicant is right out of college, someone reentering the work force, or an experienced worker, selecting the best candidate for the position requires a solid understanding of the difference between good and great practices.

Great hiring practices means drawing out the applicant to determine if he or she has the ability to step up to the plate to ensure company goals are attained, missions are achieved, work ethics are followed, and the company’s vision and future strategies are implemented. Great hiring practices include following your instincts when asking the difficult questions.

While good hiring practices may result in a decent employee capable of doing the job adequately in an 8-hour day, utilizing great hiring practices ensure you have an employee on your team willing to go above and beyond. A great hire is willing to do more than their assigned job description and has ideas to offer. A great hire understands the challenges a company faces and brings all they have to the table to help make the company successful.

Great hiring results in employees who will never be described as mediocre. They are visionaries, go-getters, leaders and mentors looking to the future. In other words, these employees are a reflection of all that the company stands for and embodies.  Using great hiring practices doesn’t water down the employee pool; it adds strength. The stronger the base, the more advantages a company has to grow successfully.

Now to the point – what is a ‘great hiring practice?’  Obviously this depends a lot on your HR personnel – which is a bit of a catch 22, as they need to be hired by somebody at some point as well.  However, your company can have an edge in everything hiring by utilizing the latest technology out there.  State of the art applicant tracking systems provide streamlined hiring process that can make even the most mediocre hiring managers seem like super heroes.  The key for a top of the line ATS is simplicity, efficiency, and cost effectiveness.   With this type of tool at your disposal you’re sure to cross the line from good to great.


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