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How HR Professionals Can Streamline their Jobs

When you consider the number of hats a human resource professional must wear, the idea of streamlining becomes more attractive. The growing sophistication of technology is leading to industry specific software and cloud services. This means fewer boxed, generic applications and more customization. Automating and indexing HR functions such as tracking applicants helps tighten up office management and enhance hiring practices.

Streamlining the Application Process

Applicant tracking systems take what used to be a manual hunt, peck and sort process and make it electronic. The principle goal is to create a centralized database that maintains applicant information and resumes. Data collection is done via the Internet using a website portal or through an intranet system and dedicated workstation.

Once input into the network, the computer software data mines to eliminate candidates that do not meet the base specifications of a job. The applicant tracking system will collate resumes and applications, so the cream of the crop moves right to the top for review.

Coordinating the Effort

A key advantage to a computerized program is the ability to coordinate with partner companies, department heads and within the human resources department. There is no need to copy a resume and send it anywhere else for review. Individuals with access to the system can retrieve the candidate’s details right in his or her office. This means branch managers have a CV and application ready for interviews.


Human resource is responsible for the personal information of both employees and applicants. Taking the hiring process online with an applicant tracking system helps to secure this data. With the rise in white-collar crime and identity theft, data privacy is more than just a moral issue. HR professionals reviewing job applications and resumes have a legal responsibility to keep that information safe.

The Benefits of Streamlining

Streamlining means less stress for human resource professionals with a smaller amount of physical paperwork and filing. Companies can spread out job responsibilities to reduce staffing needs and tighten up recruitment overhead to improve Cost per Hire. Other benefits include:

  • A shorter Time to Hire span
  • Improved Quality of Hire for better company wide productivity
  • Superior inter-company communication
  • More strategic decision making
  • Automated EEO/OFCCP reporting
  • Enhanced talent assessment especially for critical skilled positions

Technology opens the door for human resource departments to streamline the hiring process. An applicant tracking system provides an electronic method to handle recruitment needs. Most major companies already utilize this growing technology. Advancements have made it available to small and medium businesses, as well. Human resource offices tend to be a chaotic atmosphere. Why not use every tool at your disposal like applicant tracking systems to make that job more efficient.


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