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Set up Online Employment Applications to Find the Best Candidates

ImageApplicant Tracking Software (ATS) can be a huge time saver on human resources and hiring managers. It does need to be used correctly to bring in the most qualified candidates. Most systems start at the same place: the online employment application. This is where you collect the most information about an individual and will drive the decision to interview a person or not.

Make sure the application information is easy to cross check against the job description. If there is a low correlation between the two, then unqualified applicants may waste your time by applying for a position. This information goes into a searchable database that is used by human resources and hiring managers. If they don’t get a “hit” on a candidate because of a poorly defined online application, then potentially good employees could be ignored.

Keywords is a catch phrase today in online applications. Use them correctly in your application. Applicants learn how to create resumes that match your keywords, essentially bypassing the filters for unqualified candidates. Your keywords should have meaning only within the context of the job description.

The correct use of candidate profiles will increase the chance of bringing in qualified candidates. Some applicants will have all of the information they need to complete the online application in one session. Others may need to save the application and come back to it with additional information. A qualified candidate is more likely to return to the application and complete it. Make sure they have the ability to save a partial application and return to complete it later.

The online application is your first chance to obtain an individual’s information for your searchable database. Set up the important fields as mandatory so you will get the information you want from the candidate. Without this information, the application might get passed over because they don’t show up in one of the hiring manager queries.

Social networks are becoming of more interest to companies now. Ask the applicant for any social network information such as their Facebook or LinkedIn page. A technology company may be more interested in this information than others. But the IT organization in any type of company is likely to want this information.

When designing the online employment application, do some brainstorming about how the information might be queried. Hiring managers and other HR personnel may have different expectations about the information. Or they may have their own query techniques that “work” for them. Learn what information people are looking for and how they plan to query for it. Use that information to create an application that meets their needs and captures the attention of just the right candidates.


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