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Tech Industry Hiring: The Edge Can Be Gained With an Applicant Tracking System


As the tech industry continues to grow, the need for experienced and talented individuals will continue to be in high demand. To gain an edge on like-minded companies, businesses both big and small are using applicant tracking software to find candidates that fulfill their needs.

Applicant tracking software was created to help streamline the process of recruiting employees. It makes the hiring process more efficient and less time consuming which, in turn, helps a company grow with less of a hassle. Applicant tracking gives business owners and recruiting professionals the appropriate tools that can put employers one step ahead of the game of those who have decided to bypass the use of such software.

Ultimately, an ATS does the job of what an entire human resources team would do. For one, it eliminates the need for manual data entry. When receiving resumes, you often need to enter in the candidates information one by one. With applicant tracking software, it does it all for you. Secondly, with all the resumes you have in your database, you can perform a simplified search that is based on specific criteria such as salary range, experience, job titles, etc. Again, this eliminates the need of the arduous task of flipping and scanning through resumes manually. In addition, the search and database tool will help you when you are looking for candidates for future jobs.

The filter and search method is also beneficial in that it would pluck out all the qualified applicants that are all pre-selected by the applicant tracking software therefore maximizing a company’s time in the hiring process. An applicant tracking system also has the ability to help you customize employment applications to suit your own needs. If you are looking for a candidate with a very specific set of skills, you can calibrate the software so that it gives you those particular individuals. The software also has the ability to scan a candidate’s answers to job specific questions that you have presented to them.

The tools offered by an applicant tracking system are available to all kinds of businesses, but the tech industry can highly benefit from it. Many tech business have specific bullet points they are looking when hiring on candidates. Each company in the tech industry fulfills a certain niche and there are many individuals who feel they can fill that niche. That said, trying to find the most qualified and perfect candidate can be a tough task. An ATS simplifies this task by searching and sorting through hundreds of resumes and give you exactly what you need.


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