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Going Green with Cloud Based Hiring Software

ImageJust because you’re using recyclable paper does not mean you are truly what would be considered a “green” company. They still had to chop down trees to make that paper and the recycling facilities aren’t exactly what you’d call environmentally friendly. No, the only way to be truly green is to not use paper at all. That means cloud based solutions. You probably already know about the cloud because you’re accessing your word processor and spreadsheet applications there. Have you thought about also investing in some cloud based hiring software? That could make you truly green.

Think about it. Your current applicant tracking system, if it’s a manual process, is using more paper than perhaps any other process in your office. Human Resources probably takes up more space than any other department because you need someplace to store all those ugly manila file folders. What’s that? You use plastic? How exactly is that eco-friendly? The answer is that its not, by any stretch of the imagination. Neither are the manila file folders, recyclable or not. That mode of applicant management is outdated and inefficient. Have a bonfire this weekend and burn it all. It’s a terrible waste of space.

Online recruiting software is the way the modern world does business. Data storage should be digital, not pulp based. Better yet, it should be in the cloud, where you’re not taking up valuable server space and slowing down your other applications. Aren’t you tired of waiting for programs and databases to load? Not only are cloud-based applications more efficient, they’re also a whole lot faster. Why wouldn’t you want something like that in your human resources department?

Paper is manufactured by cutting down trees that generate oxygen, using machines that burn fossil fuels. Neither the oxygen nor the fossil fuels are available in unlimited supplies. In fact, the use of the machines actually makes it probable that daily activities like breathing fresh air and walking outdoors might not be available to the next generation. If you’re still using a paper based job applicant tracking solution, you’re contributing to that problem. Switch to the cloud and become part of the solution.

Are you a bad person because you’re using paper instead of software or cloud solutions? No, or course you’re not. Will your company be part of the “evil empire” of tree cutters and uncaring consumers if you don’t do something about the problem now that you’ve been made aware of it? It’s a little melodramatic, but yes, if you’re contributing to the problem you’re part of it. If you’re helping the world reach a solution to issues of deforestation, air pollution, and natural resource consumption, you’ll be part of the solution. Be sure to tell your customers that too. You’ll find that many of them prefer doing business with someone who’s truly green.


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