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Mobile Recruiting Apps – A New Approach For A New Era

In a recent article for CIO Business Technology Leadership, writer Madeline Laurano offered an apt description of recruiting in the business climate of today. If your company “wants to catch the best talent in the market, you have to take them on the move.” Her well phrased statement is, in this labor market, exactly true. Smart phones and other communication technologies are a natural part of the landscape for those bringing raw talent into the workforce. The younger generation of executives and other professionals seems always to be connected. Multitasking and near instant results fall into the category of standard operating procedure for these people.

 Mobile business technologies are more than a convenience. They fit into the way the new professionals operate in the world. Today’s job seekers and professionals are used to instant communications and to getting things done through web sites. Their world moves faster, like so much of life today. Mobile recruiting software is a vital part of any serious system of applicant management. The best candidates want to work for organizations that operate on their wavelength, utilizing the means of communications that are the norm for the younger professionals in the work force. Employees are one thing. Talent is quite another.

 Many industries complain about the scarcity of highly skilled workers. That’s because labor is different from talent. There’s plenty of labor, but when it comes to talent – that’s where the real competition lies. A company that hasn’t incorporated mobile recruiting and hiring technologies is going to have less of an advantage. The companies that speak the language of these young professionals, that keep pace with the technologies that let these talents move so quickly are the ones that will be snapping up the best of the best. Fortunately, these are affordable technologies, available even to the smallest of businesses.

 Web based applications, because they are affordable, have helped to keep small businesses and start ups in the game when it comes to competing for talent. That’s another thing about the young professionals of today. Many of them would prefer to work for a smaller, more personal company than a huge multinational corporation. People today consider more than just the salary and the benefits package. Many people look at a business’s philosophy and degree of social responsibility. So, as long as a small company stays connected, via the mobile business technologies of today, they can effectively compete for the best talent.

Mobile recruiting is the new approach that our new business era demands. People don’t expect to spend their lives with a single corporation. That means they are willing to look beyond those options because they don’t offer the long-term security they once did. They are, however, accustomed to interacting in a technologically enhanced way, used to the ease and speed that those technologies offer. Staying competitive in today’s search for talent means putting these technologies to work for your company. Streamlining processes is a business smart approach that saves you money, something everybody appreciates in our current economic climate.


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