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Does Your Applicant Tracking System Really Meet Your Needs?

As experienced shoppers know, one size never does truly fit all. That concept applies to the tracking system you choose to manage your applicants as much as it does to bath robes and pantyhose. You may have bought a system a few years ago because, well, that the way applicants are handled in the modern world of business. But, does that system really meet your needs? Has it made your hiring more efficient? Does it help you to hone in on exactly the sort of people you need? It may be time to update your system, this time with an experienced eye towards exactly what you need that system to do for you.

Hiring software has come a long way since these sorts of business technologies first hit the market. For one thing, they’ve become a lot more user friendly. There’s a lot less of that sort of geeky, show-off stuff that was just fine for the techie programmers and software developers competing with each other. It was just fine for the big corporations with huge human resource management departments with their own computer people, too, but in the real world – where most of us work and live – not so much. The developers responded to market demand with products that the average person with average computer skills can use, and use well, to its full potential.

The reduction of the computer nerd factor didn’t result in fewer cool and practical features, though. To the contrary, in fact, today’s applicant managing technologies offer a broad range of important features that help the hiring process to be more effective and efficient on a variety of levels. There are smart features that can help a company protect itself from law suits and from running afoul of federal, state, and local employment law. There are software programs for pre employment screening that can help you to bring the applicants that are best suited for your company out of the crowd. Best of all, these technologies have become quite affordable.

People have different priorities when it comes to staffing. That is why one size will not fit all when it comes to systems for managing applicants. The features that will be most useful to you depend upon the type of business you have. You may not need to be aware of every small shift in employment law if most of your labor is outsourced across the globe. You may prefer web based applicant tracking because of its anywhere you are with access to a computer type of convenience. You may want to recruit people that share your social responsibility mind set for your company, and want screening software that can help you find those people amongst the many applicants you have.

If the system you use now is sufficient, but just not quite meeting your needs, it may be time for a change. Sometimes it’s easier to know exactly what you want after experiencing what you don’t. Take some time, do some reading. Ask around and even talk to some tech people. You can find that perfect match, a system right for your business and your specific hiring priorities. When you approach your staffing challenges with the right tools, tools designed specifically to meet your needs, you’ll find it much easier and faster to find the right people for your open positions.



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