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The Benefits of Hiring Externally

Have you ever walked into your office and felt you’d be better off just firing everyone
and starting from scratch? We’ve all been there. The mistakes keep happening and
problems pile up. Excuses seem to be growing faster than profits. Why is it that nothing
ever seems to change? What is the solution? You can’t actually fire your entire staff.
It would cost you too much in severance packages and legal fees. You can, however,
hire externally and bring in new blood. Pick what you feel is a key position and fire the
person in that job, then hire someone from outside to replace them. Professional sports
teams do it all the time. How many times does the coach get fired when the team fails?

There are two definitions of the term “hire externally”. One is the process of recruiting
and hiring from external sources, such as newspapers, internet ads, job boards, etc. It is
the opposite of hiring internally, or hiring from within. The other, more commonly used
definition, describes the contracting of an agency to recruit and hire employees for you.
This method leaves a lot of the responsibility in their hands instead of yours, and those
agencies already have advanced recruitment tracking systems.

Regardless of which method you choose, before you begin this process, make sure your
HR department has advanced ATS software to track the applicants you bring in for an
interview. You want to know where they come from, how they heard about you, what
they’re skill sets are, and what they say in the interview process. Documentation from
Day One is important. If you had done it with the current supervisor or manager you’re
looking to replace you might not be in this situation right now. Begin the process with
accurate applicant tracking and continue it with regular file updates throughout the
course of the candidate’s employment.

What about internal candidates? It could be argued that removing a supervisor and
replacing them with an existing employee might help you to solve your production
problems, not to mention boost morale, but if the problems are systemic you need a
complete overhaul. That staff you want to fire? Put a stronger manager in to lead them
and those who don’t produce will either quit or be eliminated in time. Production and
attitude problems, once rooted in the culture of your company, are difficult to get rid of.
You do need a complete overhaul, but it has to start small.

If you’re investing in a new applicant tracking system, don’t just enter the new
employees into the database. Create files for your existing workers also. The best
applicant tracking systems are customizable and you can use them to track the
performance and movement of your current employees. You may even find, after using
this type of system for a while, that the source of your production and morale problems
is one or two people, and not your entire staff. Without the tracking system, you’re
either guessing or making decisions based on opinion, not fact.


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