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Small Business has the Hiring Advantage over Large Business

How can small business compete? One of the great things about doing business in this modern age is that new technology can give the little guy the advantage over the big guy. David doesn’t need a sling-shot to beat Goliath anymore; he now has a computer and a handful of useful software. Take the leading applicant tracking software for example. A small business can better keep track of the candidates who are applying for positions with them and choose only the very best. With larger corporations, red tape and huge human resource departments slow the process down. 

We just made it through a recession and people need to work. A small business can offer a job faster when they use job recruitment software that identifies the characteristics and training they need for a specific position in each of the candidates who qualify for that job. Once the field has been narrowed down, the interview process will be less time consuming. With a larger company, there could be dozens of candidates and it could take weeks to actually hire someone. In a small company that time frame could be cut down to days.

Larger corporations have a tendency to be very guarded, even cloak and dagger, about what direction they’re leaning in during a recruitment drive. The general philosophy is that, if you keep people in the dark, they’ll treat the job being offered with more respect. It’s making someone work harder than is really necessary for a job that they may not enjoy once they get it. These thoughts go through the minds of all job seekers, so a quick offer from a smaller company is more likely to be accepted than a long wait from a larger company not really saying anything about what your chances are.

Do what you love for a living and you’ll never work a day in your life. That’s everyone’s dream, and it only happens in smaller companies. The larger the executive and management structure is, the less likely you are to be able to exercise your own free will and be creative. Fitting into the corporate mold isn’t living the dream; it’s surviving the nightmare. There are thousands of highly qualified individuals who have become faceless automatons in corporate America, desperate souls hoping every day to just keep the income flowing until something new comes up.

Identifying those idealists, dreamers, and young go-getters in the sea of job seekers is a task only applicant tracking software can perform for you. You as a human being can’t possibly review all of those folks without assistance. Program your recruitment tracking system to identify the qualities you look for in candidates who can help you grow and become the company you want to be. Corporations look at buzz-words like “entrepreneur” and “self-employed” as trouble indicators on a resume. Small companies look at those candidates as assets who can help them build a bigger and more successful company. You might miss those words in a resume. Your ATS applicant tracking won’t.


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