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Job Applicant Tracking is Important for Small Businesses

For large corporations, job applicant tracking software isn’t an option, it’s a necessity. With hundreds and sometimes thousands of candidates a year submitting resumes and looking for positions, the folder and file cabinet record keeping system that worked for your predecessors just doesn’t cut it anymore. When a human resource manager or corporate president makes a decision about applicant tracking, it’s not a question of whether or not, but rather which one. That should come as no surprise to anyone.

All stereotypes aside, the use of an applicant tracking database isn’t something you’ll find only in large companies. One surprising revelation that has become more frequently apparent to small business owners is that tracking software can increase the bottom line and make any company more efficient, even those that have less than twenty employees. If you do any hiring at all, the presence of an efficient and accurate job applicant tracking system can save you thousands of dollars in wasted recruiting, training, and severance expenses. Here are a few examples:

The candidate who comes back for more: Every company recruitment drive has one of these – the candidate who has been refused a dozen times yet still comes back for more. Small companies generally catch these situations, because the same person handles all the hiring, but what if you change human resource managers? The new manager won’t know that this person has a grudge against the company that goes back a few years. Applicant tracking software will show the history.

Recruitment drives over a year apart: Even a few months can make a difference. You always want new blood. If you’re using the same advertising resources, and tapping the same potential personnel pool, you’ll see a lot of duplication in your efforts. Avoid that with an applicant tracking database that shows you all of the notes for each candidate from the last drive. You can use those notes to separate the perennials from the truly new blood that can give your small business new life.
Tracking Advertising Mediums: The best applicant tracking software programs give you the ability to track advertising mediums and run reports based on those numbers. If you always do the same thing, you’ll get the same results. Obviously, unless you’re constantly expanding, recruitment drives happening on an annual or monthly basis mean that your turnover is high. Is that because of something you’re doing as a company or the quality of the people you’re hiring? Maybe the local Sunday newspaper isn’t the best source for you to find new employees. Look at the statistics from previous hiring to find out.

Doing more with less: Your company is small and your resources are limited, so you’re always trying to do more with less. Job applicant tracking software helps you to do that. A human resource department with half a dozen employees can be cut down to two or three, giving you more money available to use for recruiting and salaries for new employees. You might even want to promote some of those folks who have dealing with all the HR problems we’ve listed in this article. They already know what needs to be done to make your company successful.


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