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American Hiring is Back on Track!

We recently got some great news from the hiring sector: American hiring is back on track.  In April, US hiring was at its highest since February 2006.

From Reuters: “Private sector hiring, including a big jump at retailers, boosted overall nonfarm payrolls by 244,000, the largest increase in 11 months, the Labor Department said on Friday. Economists had expected a gain of only 186,000.

Although this is definitely news to celebrate for the American small business, it doesn’t mean we can necessarily let our guards down.  Let’s take it from the perspective of an individual business.  You’ve recently had a higher profit margin, which has created some room for bringing on new talent.   Although you might feel complacent in the position you are in now, you always need to stay vigilant in the hiring game.   This means not only constantly posting new jobs that are relevant to your industry, but also keeping tabs on the available talent pool.

The Deparment of Labor figures that were recently released show that more Americans are currently working that any time since March of 2009.  Some companies might look at this figure and say “well in that case, the available talent pool is much smaller’ than if there were a larger number of unemployed workers.  This is not the case.  Those qualified workers who are working, are most certainly talented enough to make the jump to more suitable companies and industries at the drop of a dime.

The key to the hiring game is to always be playing – it’s not a start and stop kind of thing.  So how does one ‘keep playing’ when there are so many other facets of a small business to be worrying about?  The answer is technology.   Modern day hiring and applicant tracking software is simply smart.

We usually use the word ‘smart’ to describe a human.  In that case, what are the qualities the word denotes in a person?  That individual is quick to answer, has a large knowledge database and can adapt to the specific problem / situation they are in.  The same goes for ‘smart’ hiring software.  A modern day program should be easily accessible through cloud computing, fast, intuitive, and most of all should be able to handle a plethora of hiring situations.

So, don’t be complacent with your hiring now that our country is back up to speed. Now is the time to put it into top gear, by utilizing all the available resources at your company as well as taking advantage of smart hiring software.


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