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Office Spring Cleaning: Make Your Business Run More Efficiently

Spring cleaning isn’t just a task you should do at home. The season of new life is a good time to clean house at the office too. The actions may not be the same, but the concept is. Never has the term “out with the old, in with the new” been more important than it is this year. With new technology, a recession in the rear-view mirror, and a business climate that has changed dramatically in the past few years, it’s time to do a little house cleaning in your office. Trimming away some of the unnecessary processes and expenses that are costing you money should be your next order of business.

Start Asking “What If?”

Evaluate your business, especially those aspects of it that are contributing to your overhead. Look at your supply and distribution chains, department personnel numbers, and vendor costs. What if you chose to eliminate some of them? Would your company be more profitable or would those changes hurt morale and productivity? You’ll most likely find that many of the processes and expenses you’re paying for aren’t necessary at all. Eliminating them is the beginning of spring cleaning. Think of it in terms of throwing out all the old furniture and boxes that have been piling up and not being used for a few years. Anyone who has done spring cleaning at home can relate to that.

The toughest part of the “What if?” equation is the part when you ask that question about keeping or letting go employees. Many companies are streamlining processes with better technology. For instance, applicant tracking software in your human resources department can cut down on the number of people you need working in there. It can also help you be more efficient in the recruiting and hiring processes, both of which you’re probably spending too much time and energy on now.

Pull the Weeds so the Grass can Grow

The economic climate in the United States has reached a point where we can breathe easier because the slide has stopped, but we haven’t experienced what would be termed real growth yet. In order for that to happen, companies need to be able to run more efficiently. If you want grass to grow in summer, you need to pull weeds in spring so that the grass can come in unimpeded. The expenses of too many employees, inefficient software and hardware, and non-targeted advertising and marketing can all be eliminated from your balance sheet. Those are the weeds, pull them out.
The growth will come, and it’s a certainty that another recession will come eventually also. The seasons of commerce are as regular as Mother Nature’s seasons, and the effects can be just as devastating. As a business owner, you’ve just been through a tough winter. Now that spring is here, do some house cleaning and get ready for good days ahead. The economy is improving gradually and you’ll want to make sure your company is prepared to operate in the new business climate that we’re now seeing.


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