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How to Attract Top Talent in a Specific Industry

Working in recruitment is really about solving a company’s problems. While you might not be able to fix everything, the immediate problem that concerns you is with a new position vacancy. When that happens, the desire on the part of the company is to have you find fast hiring solutions. Given the number of qualified workers standing by the fill those positions, there should be no excuse to make sure the company’s needs are met. This is also how you’ll be judged in your position. In other words, don’t let the next vacancy be yours!

This can be prevented when you apply common sense principles to the recruitment process. Most important is to present your services as professional, organized and on the cutting edge of technology. You might ask, “What does technology have to do with recruitment?” In a word, everything. This is where utilizing an updated applicant tracking software program is essential in completing the task at hand.

The first level of assessment in the requirement process is to understand why the vacancy has occurred. Did someone just up and quit? Is there a need for additional help on a specific project? Has someone taken a leave of absence? Once you have determined the specifics of the situation, you might first consider hiring from within. Are there current employees who could take on added responsibilities? Hopefully you have been tracking your employees’  performances for just such an occasion. This comes back to that issue of organization and data management. Imagine being able to present your boss with an ideal candidate on the very same day that the job position opened up? Quickest way to score points!

If you can’t find someone from within, it will be time to put together the perfect job specification listing. This description is what you’ll be sending out into the world in search of the perfect candidate. And yes, “sending out into the world” is the best way to describe the placement of your job listing. Thanks to the connectivity of the internet, one job posting on one company web site can instantly be mined by hundreds of job boards. The result will be a veritable deluge of resumes. That dovetails into the next phase of the recruitment process: Sorting through the applications.

Just because you’re under the pressure of finding the perfect candidate in a hurry, doesn’t mean you should be forced into making bad recruitment decisions. There is nothing wrong with conducting follow up interviews to make sure you’re on the right track in terms of your top picks. This is when utilizing the resume checks could be of great benefit. Hearing from previous employers could be just want you need to make the final decision.

Of course, all of these tips won’t amount to much if you aren’t organized with your data management. Bottom line: Are you working for your applicant tracking software or is it working for you? The best program will let you build your own databases and manage applications based on your needs. In the best of scenarios, the perfect candidate should only be a few mouse clicks away. Problem solved; until the next vacancy!



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